Phlebodium aureum (Blue Star Fern)

What Blue star fern
When April 23, 2020
From Gabriella Plants
Condition Healthy, pest-free


  • Originates from Central/South America
  • Can be found in Florida, USA
  • Popular house plant


  • Easy for a fern
  • Adaptable to room temperature


  • Low, indirect light
  • Leaves will burn in direct sun


  • Love moist humid air (60-90%)
  • Comes form tropical forests
  • Putting close to other tropical plants are usually good enough


  • Avoid watering directly on the rhizome (mossy buldge)! See photos above for example.
  • Bottom water!
  • Medium and moist, but not wet
  • Use finger and go to second knuckle to see if its dry, then water if it is
  • Mist leaves every so often to keep leaves blue


  • TBD


  • Non-toxic to pets

Potting Medium

  • Is a Epephite, make sure it is loose and well draining
  • 60/40 soil and perlite
  • Some orchid mix OK
  • More acidic ok


  • Dont go strong! Will hurt roots.
  • Half strength, 1/4, monthly to every other month during growing season
  • 1:1:1
  • Iron, fish is good


  • Resilient, less pressure

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