Ceropegia Woodii

What Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts)
When May 1, 2020
From SF Plants
Condition 6 inch, came in hanging planter, firm hearts


  • Succulent-like


  • Simple


  • Bright indirect light
  • A little direct morning sunlight OK
  • A little direct evening sunlight OK
  • Leaves will burn in direct light for too long
  • Variegation will change depending on light exposure
  • Will get leggy if not getting enough light!


  • Evolved to grow in arid habitats. Does not require much air moisture. Good for drier areas.


  • More succulent, maybe every 2-3 weeks during growing season (spring-summer)
  • Check if soil is completely dry and water thoroughly when you do.
  • Test mature leaves (closer to base of plant) to see if they are still firm. Lightly squeeze. If squishy/soft, it needs water.
  • Prone to root rot


  • Nodes/tubers, can place on top of soil and top off with a light layer of soil.
  • Can water propagate cuttings (create node by cutting the hearts off). Submerge in water and place in bright indirect light. After a week or two, you should have an inch of roots.
  • When you cut to propagate, in some cases it can create a split (promote growth)


  • Non-toxic

Potting Medium

  • Well draining, succulent mix, or 50% potting + 45% cacti mix + 5% perlite/orchid bark
  • Like to be more root-bound and snug


  • Once a month in growing season with diluted solution
  • Avoid feeding during winter


  • Resilient, but probably more prone to mealy bugs

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