Anthurium Dutch

Since April 23, 2020
From Gabriella Plants
Condition Healthy, pest-free, many flowers


  • Native to Americas


  • Yellow leaves: too much direct sunlight or overwatering
  • New flowers are green: too much sunlight


  • Long lasting: 6-7 weeks


  • Thrives in bright and indirect light
  • No hot or direct light as it will burn the leaves
  • low light = no flowers, but will still grow (albeit slower)


  • Love humidity, 80% in winter
  • Do not like dry air


  • Once a week, 2-3 weeks in winter, 5 days in summer
  • Allow to dry out between watering. Soak soil, let drain
  • Do not like continually moist soil, so let dry before watering again
  • Don’t bead water on leaves
  • If the rootball become too dry, it will be difficult to re-wet. Soak the pot for an hour to rehydrate it.
  • Susceptible to root rot!

Pot Medium

  • Epiphyte, so well draining
  • 50/50 soil and perhaps orchid soil/perlite or moss



  • Toxic to cats and dogs


  • Does not require much food
  • 1/4 strength every 3-4 months
  • For best blooms and roots, use one that is high is phosphorus (NPK)

In my home

  • Anthuriuum Dutch: 04/24/2020

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