Learn while planning

I have a trip planned to explore more of the Scottish Highlands next year (2020). I’ve been itching to return because my last trip was only several days, but I fell in love.

Me admiring the beauty of Glencoe, Dec 2017

Ever since my last trip in Dec 2017, I’ve come to appreciate and embrace the wealth of knowledge the locals provide. I used to have a bad attitude about tourism as it can cause congestion and cripple communities and the environment, so I’m expanding my travels with eco-tourism in mind.

As I was searching for some experiences or places to visit, I landed on two terms unfamiliar to me:

  • Crofting: a form of land tenure and small-scale food production particular to the Scottish Highlands, the islands of Scotland, and formerly on the Isle of Man.
  • Gillie: (in Scotland) a man or boy who attends someone on a hunting or fishing expedition.

I found a Scottish family croft that will provide a traditional dinner. I will also get to walk around the land, hopefully learning some more about crofting and this family’s multi-generational story.

There was another experience I found at a hunting village where I could be taken out to forage some yummies: wild garlic and mushrooms. The website for this location said I would have to contact the gillie onsite to see what is in season and how the weather is before going out.

I love learning new terms from different cultures, as I feel a lot of these trades are lost.

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